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Bike accidents are the second leading cause of serious injury in school-age children. But biking is fun and healthy. 

A helmet can help keep your child safe - but only if it's worn. Choose a  helmet that your child likes and that fits properly. If you need help buying or fitting a bike or multisport helmet, stop by your local fire station. 

Kids bike helmets at any stationModel16Black-2013

Children's bicycle and multi-sport helmets are available for a small donation at all fire stations in our service area. Multi-sport helmets and can be used for biking, skating, riding a scooter and skateboarding. 

Children must be accompanied by their parents to receive a helmet.

Helmets are available between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., whenever firefighters are in the station. Firefighters may be unavailable if responding to emergency calls.

Suggested donation amounts are $7 for bike helmets and $10 for multi-sport helmets. Your donation covers the cost of the helmet.

A bike helmet should fit just above the eyes

Helmet fitting

Firefighters will make sure the helmet fits correctly, whether you get it from us or bring in your own helmets. 

Eyes: To protect your brain, helmets must cover a child's forehead and fit snugly. The front should rest about 2 fingers above the eyes.




girl shows helmet straps make V around ears

Girl show helmet strap fits snuggly under chin

Ears: The helmet straps should be adjusted to fit in a "V" around your ears.

Chin: The buckled chin strap should be loose enough so that your child can breathe - leave enough room so you can insert a finger between the buckle and chin. The strap should still be tight enough that if your child opens their mouth, you can see the helmet pull down on top

Ski helmets

Ski helmets will be available on a seasonal basis and only at Headquarters, 12425 Meridian Ave. S, Everett WA 98208. For more information on ski helmets, contact Shawneri Guzman at (425) 551-1254.

Helmet resources

Here are some resources on picking and fitting a helmet:

Seattle Children's Hospital

Heads Up Helmet Safety - Centers for Disease Control